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Boating School 
is the ninth episode of the hit T.V. series Spongebob Squarepants. The episode begins with Spongebob Squarepants being awoken by his alarm clock and launched from his bed to the calendar to tell that today was his big boating exam. He drives his cycle out of his house. He circles around Squidward's House telling Squidward that he is ready. He arrives at Mrs. Puff's Boating School and throws his cycle in a nearby garbage bin, claiming he didn't need it anymore. Next, he walks down the bridge to find a fish whom had just passed his test, and told Spongebob he doubt that Spongebob would. Spongebob finds and unready Mrs. Puff walking out of her classroom, and is given

Mrs. Puff and Spongebob in the boat.

his oral test. Spongebob passes with flying colors, and his told to get in the boat and start it. Spongebob is startled and shaken by the sudden start of the boat. Afterwards, Spongebob floors the boat in reverse resulting in a massive crash, inflating Mrs. Puff and destroying the back of the boat. The scene switches to Spongebob's bedroom at night. Spongebob tells Gary about his failed thirty-eighth attempt and why that he can't figure out why he can't pass the boating test, though he knows the oral report perfectly. Spongebob tells Gary whom encourages him of walking that he refuses to walk. Next, Patrick calls Spongebob through walkie talkie that he has a surprise for Spongebob and orders him to come to his closet where Patrick is seen with Spongebob's clothes on. Spongebob tells Patrick not to do that and tells him about his boating school problem. Patrick inserts a walkie talkie in Spongebob's head and tells him that he would give him the answers without being seen by putting a large ten gallon hat on Spongebob's head to cover it up. The next day, Spongebob is in the boat while Patrick is testing to see if the communication was working. Spongebob reports that he hears Patrick loud and clear. When Patrick sees Mrs. Puff coming he tells Spongebob to act natural, resulting in him jumping out of the boat, bending over, eating grass, mooing in a cow like tone. Patrick responds harshly by shouting for him to get in the boat and give the approaching teacher the apple. They begin Spongebob's thirty-ninth test, with Patrick telling him to start the boat and put it in drive. Spongebob does this and gently squeezes the gas pedal to the amazement of a surprised Mrs. Puff that expected them to crash. Spongebob approaches the first turn and makes it around smoothly. Then, Spongebob does a number of different tasks including: stopping safely at a stop sign,, swerving around a flag unscaved, going over a hump in the road, jumping an anchor, jumping through a ring of fire, helping an elderly Fred across the street, doing a wheelie with the boat, and driving in the sky. Next, Mrs. Puff tells Spongebob that he had shown that he had shown the most spectacular improvement of any student she'd seen, and jokes that he may have an antenna under his hat allowing a guy miles away from he to give him all the answers resulting in cheating. Spongebob freaks out about cheating, and lets go of the wheel. Upon hearing about Spongebob cheating, Patrick runs back to his home. The boat spins out of control and hits a light house, inflating Mrs. Puff and destroying the front of the boat. Then, Mrs. Puff is seen being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Finally, Spongebob and Gary recover his cycle and go to the hospital to see her.


  • 5th time Sandy Cheeks doesn't appear since her debut, 4th straight.
  • 9th appearance of Spongebob.
  • 1st appearance of Mrs. Puff.
  • 7th appearance of Squidward and Patrick.
  • Gary appears as a secondary character, 3rd straight appearance, and 4th overall. 
  • This episode was released on the Lost at Sea DVD.
  • 7th time Mr. Krabs doesn't appear, 2nd straight.
  • 2nd time Plankton and Karen don't appear since their debut, 2nd straight.
  • 1st time an episode revolves around Spongebob attempting to get his license.

Characters Present


  • Patrick: "Pat to Sponge, Pat to Sponge, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing! Ah! Do you Read!?"
  • Spongebob: (in response) "Sponge to Pat, I hear you loud and clear over."
  • Patrick: (in response) "Got your apple ready? (Spongebob holds up apple) Lucky Undergarments, hold on, hold on, bingo! Underwear, apple, and me. Your ready to get that license. Ah oh, hear comes Mrs. Puff, act natural. (Spongebob climbs out of the boat, eats grass, and moos like a cow) NO! NO! Get in the boat! (pause for Mrs. Puff returning in an ambulance) Give her the apple."
  • Spongebob: "Here you go mam."
  • Mrs Puff: (swallows apple whole) "Let's get this over with." (sigh)
  • Gary: "Meow"
  • Spongebob: (in response) "Ok, thirty-eight."
  • Fish: Woohoo! Yes! Hey, I just got my license!
  • Spongebob: (in response) "Hey! I'm gettin' mine next!
  • Fish: "Hey, I doubt it!"

Air Date

August 7th, 1999


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