Gary 1

Gary in Something Smells.

Gary is Spongebob's pet and is a snail. He speaks mostly in meows and rarely has any lines. He usually sleeps beside Spongebob in a newspaper bed. Gary is normally seen as the equievelent of a house cat and is often times innocent. However, Gary has also been known for his naughty behavior as well. In Gary Takes a Bath, Gary refuses to take a bath, to the point that he forces Spongebob to fall down a tree and into a large mud puddle, making Spongebob take a bath. In Dumped, he betrays Spongebob by appearing to choose Patrick over him, only for both Spongebob and Patrick to find that Gary only wanted the cookie in Patrick's pocket, and returns to Spongebob's care. He was neglected by Spongebob in The Great Snail Race when his owner pushes him to hard, and injures him. He runs away in Have You Seen This Snail? when Spongebob forgets to feed him. Mr. Krabs neglects Gary in The Cent of Money, when he uses Gary as a metal detector, and sneakily picks up much change, but pays for it when he is bombarded with change at an arcade. The doctors later discover that Gary had swallowed Spongebob's Memaid Man and Barnacle Boy Magnet to cause the attraction of the coins. Patrick then neglects Gary in Pet Sitter Pat by ignorantly trying to feed him and bath him, before destroying Spongebob's House. Gary has a pink shell with a red swirl and purple dots.


  • Gary is usually shown to be the equivelent of a household pet, but he has been shown to talk on several occasions: The Secret Box and Sleepy Time.
  • Episodes in which Gary is abused such as The Great Snail Race and Pet Sitter Pat have been cited as some of the worst episodes of the series.
  • According to Rule of Dumb, Gary is Patrick's second cousin.
  • Gary has been shown to fall in love on several occasions. He chases after a snail in Gary in Love and falls in love with Snaily in The Great Snail Race.
  • He is shown to have a good relationship with Sandy Cheeks. She praised his poetry in Culture Shock.
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