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is the sixth episode of the series: Spongebob Squarepants (T.V. Series). The episode begins with a Jellyfish passing by Spongebob's House. Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star see this and get ready. They get their jellyfish nets and chase the jellyfish. They think they've got it, but it chases them. It causes them to get tangled up, and they land in front of Squidward's House. Squidward walks out and rides his bike to work. He laughs at the idea of him going jellyfishing with Spongebob and Patrick as a jellyfish approaches. He swallows the jellyfish. He spits it out and slaps at it causing his tentacles to tangle up in the bike. He looses control and falls into a ravine causing the bike to explode. The next day, Spongebob and Patrick wait for him the return from the hospital. They go to his house and try to present him with his best day ever. The two give him soup, but it burns him. Then, Spongebob attempts to play the clarinet. He plays it very poorly causing Patrick to swipe it out of his mouth. In a final attempt, Spongebob and Patrick take him jellyfishing. Patrick tries to get Squidward to grip the net a Spongebob looks for him a specimen. Patrick and Spongebob show him how to jellyfish with a song, but like in the opening minute of the episode, they tangle up and fall. Squidward tries to catch a jellyfish, but it finds its mother. The mother jellyfish stings Squidward causing severe burns to him and minor burns to Spongebob and Patrick. Squidward returns home the next day to find Spongebob and Patrick at his door. Finally, they give him to jellyfish he caught the day before, but in frustration releases it to sting Spongebob and Patrick. The last scene, shows Squidward getting again stung by the mother jellyfishing causing his cast to fall off.


  • 2nd time Sandy Cheeks doesn't appear since her debut. 
  • 4th appearance of Squidward and Patrick.
  • 6th appearance of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • 5th time Eugene Krabs doesn't appear, 5th straight. 
  • This episode was released on the series' first DVD.
  • First major appearance of Jellyfish and Jellyfish Fields, cameo in Tea at the Tree Dome.
  • Squidward has one line in the last 7 minutes and 6 seconds of this episode.

Characters Present


  • Spongebob: "The one sure fire thing to make your best day ever, the best day ever."
  • (after the line above while walking into Jellyfish FieldsSpongebob and Patrick: "Jellyfishing, Jellyfishing, Jellyfishing, Jellyfishing!"
  • Patrick: "Firmly Grasp it!"
  • Squidward: "Oh, I'll go. I sure had them going. Ha ha."

Air Date

July 31st, 1999


Ripped Pants



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