Larry in his first appearance, Ripped Pants.

  • Larry in town.
  • The show's former logo.
Larry the Lobster 
is a recurring character who usually appears in the background crowd shots or at the beach. He is a lobster whom is very buff and loves the beach. He does not know SpongeBob apparently. His first appearance was at the beach in Ripped Pants. He was shown to have an antagonist side in the episode, but Spongebob Squarepants puts himself down by pretending to drown. His come back inspired Larry, and he gets Spongebob's autograph in the end. They are shown to be friends for the remainder of the series by playing together at the beach, lifting weights, but they don't have a very strong friendship because in Pet or Pest Larry acts as though if he has forgotten who Spongebob was. The only episodes focuses on Lobster is a tie between Sponge Guard on Duty and A Life in a Day. He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence whom also voices Plankton.

Health ProblemsEdit

Though Larry is very fit, he has experienced health problems in his life. Spongebob reveals in Band Geeks that Larry's heart gave out due to taking to many tanning pills, and Larry had to be revived by some guy in an ambulance. Larry was also noted to suffer terrible body order from the adrenaline he experienced riding the Fiery Fist O'Pain, in Roller Cowards.