Margaret stands alongside the highway in Driven to Tears.

Margaret Bubblebottom Squarepants
is a character in the T.V. series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Margaret in No Free Rides.

She is the mother of SpongeBob SquarePants. She, like her husband, hasn't appear many times in the series at just seven, unlike her son that has appeared in every episode thus far. She appeared in Home Sweet Pineapple to help Spongebob and Gary after their house was destroyed by nematodes. She also appears in Culture Shock where her and her husband are at the Krusty Krab cheering on Spongebob during his performance. She appears in No Free Rides and her and her husband give Spongebob a new boat after he finally receives his license from Mrs. Puff. She appears again in Driven to Tears and is shocked that Patrick Star gets his license before her son and is disappointed in him. Margaret appears in BlackJack as well, and is a part of a surprise party for him after he is released from prison.  She lastly appears in A Squarepants Family Vacation, in which she takes a vacation with her husband, Spongebob, and Patrick. Her maiden name was revealed in Whelk Attack, despite the fact she does not appear in that episode. She is voiced by Sirena Irwin.
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