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Opposite Day is the 19th episode of the hit series, Spongebob Squarepants. The episode begins with Squidward waking up to find Spongebob and Patrick in his bed and ready to celebrate his birthday.

Spongebob and Patrick celebrate Squidward's "birthday".

They do various birthday activities before Spongebob and Patrick leave and Squidward angrily declares that it isn't his birthday. Back inside his house, Squidward immediately declares that he is going to move to another neighborhood. He contacts a realtor, who tells him that selling his house would be easy, as long there wasn't an infestation of nematodes or a number of bad neighbors around. After hanging up the phone, Squidward begins to worry about the problems Spongebob and Patrick may cause, before thinking about opposites. The next day, Spongebob awakes to hear Squidward loudly playing a band music in his front yard. Squidward then puts on a wig and challenges Spongebob to tackle him, causing Spongebob to believe that Squidward is ill. Squidward then informs Spongebob of Opposite Day, telling him that it's the one day of the year to act different, so Spongebob goes back inside and acts "quiet and out of the way". Spongebob crawls back into bed, informing Gary that it is Opposite Day, before the doorbell rings. Spongebob angrily tells an uninformed Patrick that he doesn't like him, leaving Patrick to cry. Spongebob then informs him that it is Opposite Day, and they do a number of things as opposites. Squidward is shown packing things away when he suddenly hears Spongebob destroying his house. This causes Squidward to angrily begin to rebuild Spongebob's house, in worry that the mess would cause Squidward to not be able to sell his house.

Spongebob tries to figure out why Squidward is cleaning up his house.

This confuses Spongebob, who eventually jumps to the conclusion that they must be like Squidward if they want to truly fulfill Opposite Day. They go inside Squidward's house as the real estate agent arrives.

The real estate agent leaves after being told that Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are all Squidward.

The agent walks up to the door to find Spongebob, who begins to tell her all the horrible things about the house, in an effort to do the opposite of what she says to do. He and Patrick both say that they are Squidward, frightening the agent. Squidward then refinishes Spongebob's house and finds that the real estate agent has arrived. He speedily tries to stop Spongebob and Patrick who continue to frighten her, but this only causes the real estate agent to madly leave because he also states that he is Squidward. After begging her to sell his house to no avail, Squidward then angrily chases Spongebob and Patrick with a bulldozer saying, "Happy Opposite Day" to end the episode.  


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  • (Squidward barges in to find Spongebob and Patrick horribly playing the clarinet to the realtor)
  • Squidward: "Stop! Get away from her! (walks up to her) Oh, ho, I am so sorry ma'am. I hope these two barnacle heads haven't harmed you in any way. 
  • Realtor: "Who are you?"
  • Squidward: (smiling) "Why, I'm Squidward!" 
  • (The realtor gets up)
  • Realtor: "What kind of fool do you take me for?! He's Squidward, he Squidward, your Squidward, I'm Squidward! Are they any more Squidward's I should know about!? (Gary appears)
  • Gary: "Meow."
  • Realtor: "I'm outta here.
  • (The realtor begins to leave) 
  • Squidward: "Ma'am, please, what about my house!?"
  • Realtor: "I wouldn't sell a house for you if you were the last Squidward on earth!" (walks out the door) 
  • Squidward: "Wait!" 
  • Spongebob: "Don't!"
  • Patrick: "Go!"  
  • Squidward: "Ahh!" (Squidward goes outside and begins to beg the realtor) No, please, no! Please sell my house!"
  • Realtor: "Never!" (She drives away) 
  • Squidward: "Don't leave me here! Aww!" 
  • (Spongebob and Patrick walk up) 
  • Spongebob and Patrick: "Happy Opposite Day, Squidward! We hate you! 
  • Squidward: "Let me show you guys just how much I, hate you!" (He gets a bulldozer in an attempt to run them down) (Spongebob and Patrick scream and run away)
  • Spongebob: "Patrick, you ever feel Squidward likes us too much!" 
  • Squidward: "Happy Opposite Day! Hahaha!"
  • (They all go offscreen to end the episode) 

Air Date 

Septemeber 11th, 1999


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