Tea at the Tree Dome

Air Date

May 1st, 1999



Tea at the Tree Dome is the 3rd segment of the first episode of Spongebob Squarepants. The episode begins when Spongebob is out jelly fishing and hears a disturbance. He discovers a girl battling a clam. The clam swallows her, so Spongebob comes to save her. She lifts the clam up while Spongebob is pulling on it thus tossing him up into the air. He falls back into the clam, but is saved by her. They become friends, and she reveals her name to be Sandy Cheeks. She invites him to her tree dome for milk and cookies the following day. Spongebob hurries home to find Patrick Star to get some advice about her. Patrick tells him to be fancy by raising his pinky. They go back to the tree dome the next day to find that it has no water. Spongebob tries to live though the agonizing pain, but after a few minutes he gives way to water. Patrick rushes in to help, but he also gives way to water. Sandy returns to find the two have fainted and screams. She fills them some water helmets to use whenever they come to her tree dome.


  • This episode is a short episode due to the fact that it preceder, Reef Blower, was only two minutes and thirty seconds.
  • This is the first appearance of Sandy Cheeks; she is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence.
  • 1st time Squidward Tentacles doesn't appear.
  • 3rd appearance of Spongebob.
  • 2nd appearance of Patrick.
  • 2nd time Mr. Krabs and Gary don't appear.
  • 1st time Spongebob is seen jellyfishing.
  • This episode was one multiple DVDs due to its plot.

Characters PresentEdit


  • Spongebob: Land Squirrel
  • Patrick: That's just fancy talk.
  • Sandy: Hold on little square dude.
  • Spongebob: I NEED IT!!!!!!
  • Patrick: Pinky Out!          

Air DateEdit

May 1st, 1999